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Honorable mention at The New York Book Festival


  The Kingdom of Christmas - The Guardian of the Mountains


The Story......


When their enchanting Christmas Kingdom is overthrown by an evil Guardian, and Santa and The Spirit of Christmas are taken captive inside an icy castle, it is up to Prince Michael and Princess Sarah to save the day. A Secret Scroll reveals their mysterious powers and some unforgettable Christmas characters light their way.


Yet as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, grappling with thrilling caves, hidden forests and the mind blowing 'curse of the frozen candle', some blood-curdling questions emerge from the shadows. What does the wicked Guardian really want, and who cries out eerily from deep inside his forgotten chambers? Are the children caught up in a web far darker than they can imagine, and if so, will they ever manage to untangle themselves and rescue Christmas, not just for the Kingdom but for the entire world beyond it?










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