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Interviewer - Hello Rudolph. Thanks for flying all the way in from The Kingdom of Christmas today to talk to us.


Rudolph - Aw, no problem. I'm always happy to do an interview about Christmas. I just came back from Christmas Peaks and we're preparing for a Christmatastic Winter Festival. The bunnies are on their snowboards and the Snowflakes have all kinds of stunts in store for us :) .


Interviewer - Sounds wonderful. Now tell us a little bit about why this year is such a special year. Apart from the Winter Festival, of course.







Rudolph - Well, we're all excited because the first book about the Kingdom is now available to buy at Amazon. It's called The Kingdom of Christmas - The Guardian of the Mountains. You should check it out!


Interviewer - That's great. We will. Now, could you explain to us exactly where The Kingdom of Christmas is, because I know that some people get confused.


Rudolph - Absolutely. It's just beyond The North Pole, in another world. In order to get there, you need to fly up to The Northern Ice Caps and shower yourself with pink Reindeer Dust. We don't give that away for free, though. We've still gotta protect ourselves from our enemies.


Interviewer - Well, I'm not arguing with that. Now, tell our readers what you do the rest of the year?


Rudolph - Well, we're always busy at The Kingdom of Christmas. There's the Naughty and Nice Lists to check, presents to make, events to attend. Then we have Easter, Halloween, a big Summer Festival in Cinnamon Forest and Thanksgiving.


Interviewer - Sounds wonderful. And finally, what message do you have for the fans for Christmas this year?


Rudolph - Oh, well, er, stay happy, keep smiling, and we'll look forward to meeting you when you read the book. See you later, Christmasdudes. Merry Christmas!




An Interview with Rudolph

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